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Lateral Data


Lateral Data’s Viewpoint software is an all-in-one e-Discovery platform that covers the core components of the electronic discovery lifecycle, including Collection, Early Case Assessment, Processing, Analysis, Review and Production. By completely integrating all of these tools into one product, Viewpoint delivers:

  • A single product, not cobbled-together series of disparate applications
  • All features and analytics available to all users throughout the project
  • Increased productivity, since there is no need to import, export or copy files between tools
  • Improved defensibility with a single document repository
  • Seamless production in any format
  • One fixed cost for all e-discovery needs: no cost of analytics, no licensing fees, unlimited number of users
  • Single day installment. Simple and quick to upgrade.
  • More simplicity and less training
  • More security as all data can stay on behind the firm’s firewall at all times
  • Faster performance means more efficiency from attorneys and review teams